By Andy Dyer

Fascinating AIDA




Effective design and creativity is all about AIDA. The goal is to get people involved in your communication so you can follow up with information and action. It’s a simple formula but one we recommend you use whenever you’re evaluating our ideas.


Grab it. Preferably with a powerful image, headline, stunt or offer.


Hook the reader with a subhead that begins to explain what you’re talking about.


Make them want you! Marketing is all about creating positive anxiety – what the kids call FOMO. You can use fear, elitism, greed, guilt, necessity, compassion. Allay any suspicions, address the audience’s inertia, tackle their distrust, challenge their perceptions.


What do we want them to do next? Call? Apply? Visit your website? Make it clear what they’ve got to do and how easy it is to do.

AIDA is Epik

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