By Andy Dyer

Designing a new logo 10 questions to get your agency started

Your business’s identity is crucially important. It’s how you put a memorable stamp on everything you do. But when you’re briefing an agency to design a logo, where do you start? Our advice is to ask yourself some questions first.

  1. What does your business do?
  2. Describe it in one word
  3. Who are your primary customers?
  4. Is your brand:
    • Professional or Informal?
    • Modern or Classic?
    • Premium or Budget?
    • Fun or Serious?
    • Simple or Complex?
  5. Where does its name come from?
  6. Do you have a strapline or slogan as part of your logo e.g., “Part of the X Group?”
  7. Do you have any preference for the colours in your logo?
  8. Would you like to emphasise a particular part of the name?
  9. Do you have a preferred logo style?
    • Text only e.g., Coca Cola –
    • Integrated graphic icon e.g., Make A Wish –
    • Separate icon e.g., TUI –
    • Crest e.g., Starbucks –
  10. What three things would you like people to think when they see the logo?

If you’ve answered all of the above honestly and in detail, you’ll have given your agency a really good brief. Our advice is to ensure this is an iterative process. Don’t wait weeks for a ‘grand reveal’ but ask to see WIP options along the way. And remember to refer back to your answers when judging the designs. Finally, try and remove your personal and subjective reactions (as far as you humanly can) and remind yourself of your answer to number 3. Would this appeal to your customers? Communicate to them? Stand out to them? And remember, as important as a logo is, it can’t do all the heavy lifting. Try to keep it simple and remember that context is everything.

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