By Andy Dyer

Choose your two

Client & agency relationships

Good, Fast, Cheap: three things every client wants. At Epik, our hugely experienced team is certainly good, being small and agile means we’re fast, and as for cheap – well, we always aim to be good value for money. However, except in the rarest of circumstances, every client must choose which of these two qualities are most important. Expecting all three on a regular basis will strain relationships all round.

Good and fast isn’t going to be cheap. We may have to get freelancers in, have more teams working on it, or pay people to work longer hours or weekends. Good and fast is entirely possible but prepare yourself for a heftier invoice.

Fast and cheap isn’t guaranteed to be good. Doing things in a rush with limited resource leaves no time for inspiration, reflection or error checking. You’ll get something but it’s unlikely to be properly thought through or well executed.

Good and cheap is rarely fast. The quality will be there, but business logic dictates better paying projects will be prioritised.

Goodness is Epik At Epik we never forget that the most important of the trio is good, whatever your budget or time restraints. Good ideas, good relationships, good for business. Talk to us about how we can do something good for your business. Call +44 207 459 4433.

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