By Andy Dyer

Top 10 questions to ask a marketing agency

Choosing a New Agency

Top 10

Top 10 questions to ask a marketing agency before working with them…

  1. What makes your agency better than it’s competitors? In what area would you say your company excels at?
  2. Based on our predicted spend, how big a client will we be?
  3. Do you use freelancers/ how much work do you outsource?
  4. Who else (if anyone) are you working within my industry? Are there any competitive relationships I should know about?
  5. How available will I have to be?
  6. Who do you think should have creative control? For creative work, how much can I edit, review or redirect work? Is there a limit on revisions?
  7. How do you communicate with clients on progress and results? What tools and resources do you use to share information?
  8. Who will be doing the work on my account? You want to meet the people who will be on your account
  9. What makes a client so good to work with, and what makes a client so bad?
  10. How will the agency measure the success and ROI of the marketing budget?

 And a bonus one…

  1. What does your billing structure look like? Are there items that must be paid in advance? What about payment terms?

Answers are Epik
To hear some thoughtful answers to all eleven and more, call Epik today on +44 207 459 4433.

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