Mirastar Success Story

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How Epik took away the pain of a website project and created something beautiful

The Client

Mirastar – A leading specialist pan-European developer, investor and manager of logistics and industrial real estate assets. Recently acquired by KKR.

The Challenge

In a nutshell, the brief was “If you do the ‘heavy lifting’ and can give us a unique style, the project is yours”. In other words: Mirastar needed a new site required to reflect the change of ownership and wanted to create a brand that would stand out among ‘samey’ competitors – one that would even making their warehouses & building sites more attractive. Key in our approach was to make the clients’ lives easier and the process as frictionless as possible: they were flat-out, working 16+ hour days after the KKR buyout, with no Head of Marketing in place.

The Solution

    • We created a distinct look and feel using monochrome with accents of yellow for creative consistency. Copy was drafted using the documents supplied and reviewed to ensure a consistent tone of voice with sharper headlines/ sub-heads.
    • We ensured no meetings were never more than 30 minutes and didn’t run over by more than a minute. Andy at Epik played client, doing the first round of checking before handing over any work or assets for review.
The Results

In what our client described as “a lot less time than we thought it would take” Epik supplied a distinct looking brand for Mirastar, together with a website optimised for performance and scaleable to allow for future growth.

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Epik took the pain away. We got on with our day jobs while they got on and delivered us a beautiful looking site.
They were a great partner to work with and we will now continue to use them for other marketing activity.
Ekaterina Avdonina