By Andy Dyer

Words and pictures

Art Direction




Words and pictures: the classic double act

Imagine salt without pepper, bacon without eggs, Laurel without Hardy. It’s the same with Art Direction and Copywriting – they simply work better together. Great design can be ruined by bad copy.  Brilliant copy can be killed by bad design. That’s why we always consider both together, and bear in mind some basic rules about the way people read:

  1. The eye focuses on pictures first.
  2. The eye moves from left to right.
  3. Headlines are most often read if they are to the right of a picture.
  4. Calls to action work best at the bottom of a page.  This is where people automatically look to see what they have got to do.
  5. Flashes, icons, roundels etc can all be used to draw the eye to a call to action.
  6. Colour affects emotion, so it can change the way you read and perceive something.  Reversing a subhead out of red can hurry the reader up.
  7. Showing a product as big as possible helps people imagine themselves and think ‘I want one of those’.
  8. Photographs give an ad more credibility than illustrations, while illustrations add personality, distinctiveness and charm.
  9. Try to avoid reversing out body copy as it’s difficult to read.
  10. Ignore the other 9 rules if what you’re doing works for you!

Ruling is Epik
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